Useful Information

Missing deadlines (homework or exams)
A student who misses a deadline or an exam will be allowed to make up the work only if the deadline was missed due to a reason beyond the student’s control as determined by the instructor. Illness and family deaths are the most common reasons.

All late assignments, when applicable, will result in a reduction of 50%.

If you miss a deadline, please contact the instructor as soon as possible. If you are sick and you miss an exam, you will be asked to provide a doctor’s note. All other cases will be decided on a case-by-case basis and documentation will be needed. There are no guarantees that you will be allowed to make up the work. So, try your best to meet all the deadlines and take all the exams.

Make– up work will have to be completed within one week after the student is back to school.

A student who misses the final exam for reasons beyond his/her control, will be given the graded of “Incomplete” and will have to make arrangements with the instructor to completer the course. Again, documentation will be needed.

Academic Integrity
There will no tolerance for students who try to break academic integrity. Any breaches of academic integrity will be reported and treated severely. Students will have to face disciplinary actions as well as getting the grade of zero to all assignments where academic integrity was violated.

Athlete students, students in the military and students with disabilities
If you are an athlete student, a student who also serves in the military, or a student with a disability, please contact the instructor for any special arrangements. Confidentiality is always kept.

Cell Phones and audible disruptions
During the exams, all cell phones or other devices that can be used for the storage or transmission of information have to be out of reach and turned off.
Students who are late to enter the classroom, or who have a need to leave earlier, must do so in the least disturbing way.

How to get help
Come to office hours (ENG 276)
Post a question on this wordpress page.
Send an email at
Ask some other student
Ask online. There are many useful websites. Try for instance: This website is not associated by any means to our class. If you use it, you have to abide with the policies set forth by the website.

Grading and regarding
The following guidelines for grading will be followed for all problems, either homework problems or exam problems:
Online homework problems will be graded based only on the answer.
Paper homework will be graded based only on the method. At most one point will be given for the right answer.
In case of submission of two solutions, e.g. in an exam, only the first one will be graded as determined by the instructor.
There will be no regarding of homework and exam papers. All students are encouraged to ask questions about the problems. If a student who believes that his/her homework or exams were not graded accurately, can ask the instructor further questions about the grade. Once you take a homework or exam back look for clerical mistakes (e.g. wrong additions)

Students are encouraged to study in groups. For group assignments (if any), all students in the group will be given the same grade. For non-group assignments, all students must write their own solutions, even if they worked together with someone else.

Extra credit
There will be no extra credit. There is plenty to do to keep you busy and help you improve your grade throughout the semester.

There are no attendance requirements, but you are strongly encouraged to be in class every time. For every class you miss, expect to spend at least 2 hours to catch up.

No checking of emails after 5pm and on the weekends/holidays. Please, do not wait until the very last hour before the deadline to post your questions.

Questions about the grades will be answered only in person. Never over email.

If you have a question which requires a long explanation, I may ask you to come to the office hours.


In case of an emergency, the entire struggle is to remain calm. Even if it is your first time facing such a natural disaster as a tornado, or earthquake, or fire etc. and you think that the world is ending…, stay calm, because it does not!! Most accidents happen by people who panic and hurt themselves in their effort to save themselves. Do not rush to the exit. Listen to your instructor’s instructions and proceed accordingly.

It is up to the discretion of the instructor to make any changes to the above guidelines. In case of a change you will be notified by email.

Typos, corrections and problems
Making mistakes is something natural, although painful at times. Everyone is making mistakes, even the most famous scientists.
If you realize that something written on the board is not correct, you are welcome to communicate that to the instructor. The same applies to all typos and mistakes in this document. If you happen to notice any of these (and I am sure there are a few of them around), please notify the instructor.

Reducing Paper Printing

In order to reduce paper printing all handouts will be posted electronically. The only exception to this are the quizzes and the exams we will take during the semester.
All students are prompted to reduce the amount of paper they print. It saves the environment and it saves your money. Printing double-sided pages, reusing one-sided pages for scratch paper, or even going electronically are some ways of achieving that.


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