Final Grade

Your final grade will be calculated as follows:

Hw 25%, Midterms 45%, Final 30%

plus Extra Credit (if any) 1%

minus Penalty (if any) 1%

If the Final Exam is better than the worst Midterm Exam, the former will replace the latter.

Letter Grade

Your letter grades will be determined upon completion of this class. Your grades will be curved at the end of the class according to the following table:

Final Grade

Letter Grade


at least A–


at least B-


at least C


at least D



Note: Your final grade may get a plus or minus indicator, e.g. B+ or A-, if your letter grade is 1% from the cut-off grades.

Please make sure you understand how your grade is calculated so that you are not caught by surprise later in the course. Please ask your advisor for further details about requirements

Paper homework

Paper homework will be assigned from the textbook. Paper homework is graded based on the method used and not on the final answer.

Note: Only 3 randomly chosen problems will be graded from each assignment.

Deadline for Paper Homework: The default deadline is every Wednesday at the beginning of the class.

Paper homework which is submitted within one week after the deadline, will yield 50% credit. Paper homework more than one week late will not be accepted.

Midterm Exams

We will take three midterm exam in this class. Tentative dates:

  • Exam 1 on Monday 2/2
  • Exam 2 on Monday 3/9
  • Exam 3 on Monday 4/6

If the actual dates are different from the above dates you will be notified by email. If the university is closed on that day for any reason (e.g. weather) the exam will take place the next available day.

Exams are cumulative. E. g. Exam 2 covers all the material from the beginning of the course up to Exam 2. Same applies to the Final Exam.

In the Exams you will have to solve some problems by yourself. In particular:

  • Answer multiple choice questions, short answer questions and long answer questions.
  • The exam problems will ask for the same techniques as the homework problems. The exam problems may look like the homework problems or they may look different, but the ideas that they use are the same.
  • Multiple choice and short answer questions are graded on the answer only.
  • Long answer questions are graded on the technique only and not the answer.

During an exam, students maybe assigned specific seats or relocated by the instructor. You can use a pen and calculator, but that’s all. No cell phones, laptops, or anything else.

Serious Mistake

Some mistakes will be marked as “serious” and will yield 00 points for each problem they occur at.


  • All algebra mistakes
  • d(f(x)* g(x))/dx= df(x)/dx * dg(x)/dx. I.e. not knowing that there is a product rule. Not remembering the product rule itself is not a serious mistake.
  • Same as above for the quotient rule.
  • \integral f(x)*g(x) dx= \integral f(x) dx * \integral g(x) dx. This falls into the line of not knowing why we use integration by parts. Not remembering the formula for integration by parts is not a serious mistake.
  • … The list is not complete. Any mistake that demonstrates a fundamental lack of knowledge can be marked as serious.

Final Exam

The Final Exam is cumulative. No further improvement of your score will be available after the Final Exam.

Date and time of the Final Exam cannot and will not be changed by the instructor. Check on Titan Connect for date/time.

Extra Credit

Do one of the following two:

  • Attend one seminar offered in the University of Detroit Mercy and write a short paragraph about what you learnt. Then email your paragraph to the instructor within a week.

Some seminar announcements will be posted on this webpage. Stay tuned!

  • Come to Engineering 276 during the first week of classes and say hello to the instructor.


Students who do not abide with the no cell-phone/computer policy and after a warning has been given, will incur a 1% reduction to their grade.

Cell-phones/computers usage during exams will be considered a breach of academic integrity and subject to additional sanctions.

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