Feedback on Exam 3

Feedback for Exam 3- MTH 2410- W 14

There many difficulties with partial derivatives and partial integrals. Need practise for this. E.g find d/dz (e^(yz)/cos(xz)), or the integral of 2x-2y over dy.

Problem 1. You can use the formula dz/dx=-dF/dx/dF/dz.

Problem 1. Observe that 1/cos(xz)=sec(xz).

Problem 2. The answer must be the equation of a plane, not a vector.

Problem 3. Green’s theorem says that the work integral of F over a curve C equals the double integral of dg/dx-df/dy over the region R enclosed by C. Please write an equality with two sides, not just the second double integral.

Problem 4. If the Jacobian is negative, take the absolute value of it.


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