Homework Due Wednesday 1/28

Section 11.6, Problems 4, 12, 14, 18, 28, 44, 46,

Section 11.7, The following problem not from the book:
Find the cross-section of the following surfaces with the indicated planes. Determine what type the surface is, e.g. ellipsoid, paraboloid etc., and what type the cross-section is, e.g. ellipse, hyperbola, etc.

Quadric Surface         Planes

x^2/3^2+y^2/4^2+z^2/5^2=1                               x=2; y=3; z=4 (3 different planes; 3 different cross-sections)

x^2/3^2+y^2/4^2-z^2/5^2=1                              x=2; y=3; z=4

x^2/3^2-y^2/4^2-z^2/5^2=1                               x=6; y=3; z=4

z^2=x^2/3^2+y^2/4^2                                         x=2; y=3; z=4

z=x^2/3^2+y^2/4^2                                         x=2; y=3; z=4

z=x^2/3^2-y^2/4^2                                         x=2; y=3; z=4

x^2/3^2+y^2/4^2=0                                        x=2; y=3; z=4

Section 11.8, Problems 2(a),(b), 4(a),(b), 6(a),(b), 8(a),(b), 10(a),(b), 12(a),(b), 20, 22, 28, 40


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